About us

Who we are

We are a contemporary and progressive Christian charity and church. Our vision is to raise people “Fit For Our King” and therefore we exist to create a passionate commitment to Christ, our King, His Cause, and His Community. We present Jesus without apology, creating epic moments that help people hear the Gospel.

As a vibrant, growing body of people committed to sharing our faith in action, we maximize all we have to see the lost come home.

Our Vision

“To Raise a People Fit for
Our King”

Our Mission


Meet Syl Omope

Senior Pastor

Pastor Syl is passionate about his relationship with God, his wife Sarah, and fitness ! On any given weekday, whether by phone call, face to face conversation or in a service, you’re sure to be energized by his passionate commitment to teach the Bible in a way that inspires newcomers to desire more of Jesus, and challenges everyone to take a next step.

Meet Festus Babalola

Assistant Pastor

Pastor B is a gentle spirit with a love for people and an unrivalled fervour for service. His love for God is infectious as is his desire to see people’s lives change for the better. When he’s not cruising through the motorways on his second love of driving, you may find him enjoying a home-grown delicacy known as pounded yam, and don’t ask him to share because he probably will, reluctantly.